About Us

Welcome to Locus Hub and Locus Totems - where the journey to redefine life's possibilities begins.

At Locus, we believe in challenging the status quo, in questioning the conventional trajectory of existence dictated by society. Our story is one of exploration, curiosity, and a relentless pursuit of a life that transcends the ordinary.

It all started with a simple idea - life should be more than just following a predetermined path of education, work, and eventual retirement. We embarked on a quest to discover alternatives, spending countless hours researching, pondering, and seeking out new avenues. We envisioned a life filled with exploration, learning, creation, and community - a life where the boundaries of possibility were limited only by our imagination.

Then, we encountered a revolutionary breakthrough - AI in the form of ChatGPT. Suddenly, a new path began to emerge, one that offered boundless opportunities for exploration and innovation in technical fields, free from the constraints of traditional career paths.

The release of ChatGPT marked the dawn of a new era, where anyone with a thirst for knowledge could harness the power of technology to shape their destiny. And thus, Locus Hub and Locus Totems were born.

Locus Hub serves as a gathering place for like-minded individuals - engineers, builders, and innovators - united in their quest to craft lives filled with purpose and passion. Here, we come together to learn, share, and collaborate on topics ranging from cutting-edge AI tools and robotics to personal development strategies and the wonders of travel.

Meanwhile, Locus Totems stands as a testament to our collective journey, offering a curated collection of symbolic artifacts that represent our transition from conformity to self-determination. Each totem holds significance, a reminder of the milestones we've passed and the dreams we've yet to realize.

We invite you to join us inside Locus Hub, where the possibilities are limitless, and together, we can embark on a journey of exploration, creation, and transformation. Let's collaborate, innovate, and build the lives we truly desire.

Welcome to Locus - where the locus of control lies firmly in your hands.


 -- PWR