Our Story

Hello fellow human,

This story starts with an idea - life has to be more than the traditional path of grow up, go study, get a job, work and then die.

Searching for an alternative to this has consumed many hours filled with researching, stressing, thinking and more researching. When we think of the life we want it is filled with exploration, learning, building, community, and newness. Where the traditional career approach in technical fields usually requires specialization and focus, we felt a push to expand and diversify our interests.

This seemed like an unavoidable predicament until we discovered AI in the form of ChatGPT. For the first time in our lives a new path started to become visible, one that allowed the application and exploration of technical fields without the restriction of the industrial age limitations.

The release of ChatGPT in some sense signaled the beginning of a new age. In this new age any person that knows how to learn can create the tools they require to build the life they want.

If you are one of these people then you have arrived in the right place, Locus Hub and Locus Totems have been created for you.

Locus Hub - Our Discord Community:

The place where engineers, builders and innovators gather to build the lives they want to live. Learning and engaging with one another over topics ranging from the latest AI tools and robotics developments to mental models for success and their favorite travel destinations.

Locus Totems - Home of the Locus Collectibles:

This is the place where we stock our shared journey inspired collectibles. Each of these totems represent something important on our journey from being bound to the traditional life path to plotting our own in the direction we choose.

Join us inside Locus Hub, where together, we can forge new paths and build the lives we truly desire.