Launch Info

Welcome to Locus Totems,

We hope you join the waitlist for our community "Locus Hub". The place where engineers, developers and innovators such as yourself work together on their projects. 

The sign up survey can be found on our stores home page.


We have decided to launch with three products to start. Your feedback on these products will directly effect the next products we release.


A few things to note before you venture further into Locus Totems:

1) We are opening up our products to the USA only for initial testing. If you are not in this region, please send us an email at and we will do our best to open sales to your region. 

2) Our store is based in SA (South Africa), but our totems are printed and shipped from our partner facility closest to you. That means for now, all products will be printed and shipped from the USA.

3) For your convenience our product prices can be changed into different currencies on the product pages. Unfortunately, within the checkout page all prices are still displayed in Rands [R] (South African Currency). This is enforced by our payments processor. We apologize for the inconvenience ahead of time.